Wednesday, March 30, 2011

20. Would you lie with my and just forget the world?

Oh Snow Patrol. I've loved you forever, and Chasing Cars is so iconic for Grey's. It's featured in most commercials for the upcoming musical event, which is tomorrow (!!!!). I had stated previously it was last week, but I was mistaken. Whoops.

So today's post is a tribute to the best Grey's clothing moments. No Polyvore set today, just focus on the clothes. The beautiful, beautiful clothes. :)

Izzie's prom dress - S2E27: breaks my heart every time I watch this episode! so sad, so beautiful.

Cristina's Wedding Dress - S3E25: heartbreaking! Yang gives herself over to Burke and he leaves her. Boo!

Addison Appears - S1E9: The entrance of the Ruler of All Things Evil, Satan.

Joe's - S7E9: Shows some of the cast in their bar gear. McSteamy, Callie and Bailey out enjoying a "slow night"

<3 - S5E19: My favourite. The proposal. *sigh*
Seriously, how could you not love this show? So much drama and goodness. I've got 5 seasons on DVD, waiting on 6 and currently watching 7. I love every minute :)


Til next time!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

19. Oh, oh, suppose you'll never know...

Apparrently I can't count. That's fun. I numbered my last post 16 when it was actually 18. My brain decided it was going to count down after 17? Weird.

Another week in progress, and as I've been told several times there are 17 working days left to the workterm after today. That's not very many. And I'm planning on taking two of them off. So 15 days for me. Oh dear. This week I decided I'm going to do a little spotlight on the Grey's Anatomy cast. The fashion isn't always shown, or apparently at all in some episodes, but there's a distinct comfy casual but professional look. Meredith, being the main Grey of the show, has the most appearances in regular clothing so today I'll take a look at her wardrobe. Tomorrow's is just going to be special mentions of outfits I can't forget, stay tuned for that.

Season 1 - Episode 5

Season 3 - Episode 8

Season 5 - Episode 14

Season 7 - Episode 15

Personally, I've loved it all. The worn in thick sweaters, long sleeved tees, and classic elegance on the rare occasions we see them dressed up. Meredith has always had a classic style, slightly preppy but very utilitarian. Easy to take care of, I think. The hair was my favourite in the first couple of seasons. I'm emulating it a little now, except I went a little blonder. Here's a few options below if you're trying to make a Meredith inspired look: pair these chunky sweaters with thin layered tees and jeans to keep warm in Seattle chill.
Ribbed cardigan
31 GBP -

Tommy hilfiger sweater
75 GBP -

J Crew long sleeve top
$150 -

J Crew crew sweater
58 GBP -

Victoria s Secret victoria secret sweater
$25 -

Off for another lovely day of work! Wish me luck! Stay tuned for tomorrow with some personal favourites from Grey's seasons. Any you think should be included? Let me know!

Til next time!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

18. There's paint on my hand.

Today we're re-painting the bathroom. It was a lime-y green that I cannot and could not stand any longer. So now it's on it's way to being Orange Sherbet! Maybe a little pink but I don't caaaarrrreeeee.

The OOTD's for this week were a little rushed, as I was feeling crappy all week. Didn't take pictures til Thursday and yesterday. Friday was a snow day, but yesterday's outfit was a good approximation of what I would have worn. It works I suppose.

scarf, white tank - bluenotes / white tee - ON / cardigan - sisters / navy cords - gap / steve madden intyce boots

Poor wet boots. And scarf close-up.
 Yes, this definitely is my uniform. I love how the scarf looks with the cardi, it's close enough to pink to go with it but not matchy matchy. I layered a tank under the tee just to give a little more coverage, also one of my favourite things to do so I've realized.

blue cardi - gap (new!) / pink ruffled tank - j. crew / belt - dominion / jeans - guess

An almost repeat for the J. Crew tank. It haaassss to be belted to keep any semblance of shape. There's no other way, I've tried. And the jeans, oh the jeans. I love them so much. Such a good shape and fit and everything, only problem was I actually wore a hole in the knee in less than a year of wear. Not cool. 

That's it for today! Off to catch up on my blog reading while the paint dries. I was gonna go watch it, but that's probably as interesting as watching the boy play C.O.D. right now. Maybe more so. lol. 

Til next time!

Project 52: Week 12

"From The Jewelry Box" is this week's theme. I figured out what I'd take a picture of when I heard the theme. However since the boy got home I got a little behind on things, and taking it. Oh well. Also forced to take it with the BB since my camera is dead, currently charging.

Anyways here it is! Each of my pieces in this photo means something different to me, and since I've started wearing more of my jewelry I find I appreciate it all more.

Off to start painting! I'm redoing the lime green in my bathroom, because I no longer appreciate having a green tinge when I'm trying to do my make-up. Orange sherbet is up next, let's hope it goes well!

Til next time!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion-Beauty Friend Friday: Feminism

I've never considered myself much of a feminist. I think that there should be equality for both sexes. In my life I don't deal with many conflicts because I am a woman. I'm lucky in that way I guess, to have a relatively conflict free life in general. I took a Womens Studies class a couple of years ago, and I have to say it did not inform me in the least. I still believe in equality but the more radical discussions turned me off from something I could have enjoyed, I think.

this has nothing to do with the topic.
but we're getting snow tomorrow, and this is Daytona beach where it's warm.
and I really really want to go back!!!

That being said, here's this weeks questions!

1. Do you think there is an incompatibility between feminism and a love for fashion?
Not at all. Dressing up or down, depending on the clothes you wear, should always be for yourself. Feminism shouldn't be about your image as much as it reflects your beliefs or the attitudes you have about the world.

2. There is more to each of us than a love for fashion, how do you incorporate every aspect of yourself into your blog?

I try to get little bits of myself into my posts. I give my opinions on things, I sometimes post outfits I wear or things I've seen that I love, I post my photography weekly. It takes time to build yourself into your blog, because a blog takes work and commitment. Expressing yourself isn't as easy as just putting every opinion or thought you've ever had into one post saying, "Oh, here I am!"

3. With the fashion industry still being a male-dominated profession, how do you think it would differ if women played a larger role?
I'd like to think there'd be a change in the overall styles. A lot of women dress to impress or attract men, because they think that's how the should be seen. If women had more say, things would probably be more geared towards functionality while still looking fabulous! As well, I would hope that models could be more like real women, instead of super skinny ideals that aren't realistic.

4. How is your self-image and the way you carry yourself informed by your beliefs?
I've basically always been a modest person. I'm not religious but I think I ended up taking a lot of values that stemmed from my parents and their religion. I may wear tight clothes sometimes but it's never revealing skin. My parents influenced a lot of my beliefs. My self-image is good most days. I had a lot of time alone growing up, as I was an only child, so I was forced to be comfortable by myself first. It's still a process to love all parts of me but being able to perform in Drama Troupe productions gave me a lot of confidence I needed to stand up for myself in a lot of situations.

5. Do you think clothing/makeup/hair helps communicate the truth about yourself or are those things superfluous add-ons? They can definitely be superfluous for some people, but the way you look can always say something about who you are. It shouldn't account for everything about you, but having a sense of style can show what kind of person you think you are, or who you want to be.
Looking forward to reading everyone's responses, as always!

Til next time!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

17. What size am I?

I'm pretty aware of my size. I may not always like it, but for the most part I know what sizes I take. Except for the couple extra pounds hanging on my hips (read: love-handles, blechhh) I'm happy most days with my body. Lately, it's not my body that's causing me grief, it's the sizing.

Clothing sizes have definitely changed in recent years, I know that much. And I've put on a few pounds too, I agree. But the way that I'm told I go down a size when in reality I know I haven't is kind of off-putting. It's nice, but putting on the new size in another store sometimes slaps you in the face with the fact that no, you aren't smaller. Your butt is the same, the number is just different.

I agree that it's terrible to have such a fixation on numbers, but there's always got to be some comparison. An 8 in one store shouldn't equal to a 4 in another. I need consistency people! So, listed below I've got some of my sizes, listed by retailer. I'm about 5'8"-ish, and I suppose you can gather around what my weight should be from the sizes. I forgot to measure myself so none of the hips to waist things. These sizes are about what I currently wear, and while some have stayed the same it's weird to me that things can vary so much.

Had to make a paint file so it would format right :)

In some cases, the sizes fit me perfectly. I tend to vary more in tops, mainly because I get my jeans or pants in a couple of specific places. If it fits, I will continue to shop there! Somewhat related to this way my shopping excursion to the Gap recently. I tried on a bunch of stuff, but only ended up getting three items. Side note on the jeans, I've fallen in love with the 1969 line. The Always Skinny in 29/8 L fit perfect and left enough to cover my ankles. Image from Someone unfairly, the premium dress pants now offered do not fit at all, in any style. Dress pants do not fit me right, ever.

I found a long sleeved tee on sale, not found on the website. It's an XS and the perfect fit, though quite baggy in the torso. I think this must be the design, because while trying on the "Perfect shirt", pictured right, I found that the XS was tight. Not unbearably so, but a little too snug for comfort.

I think sizes need to be a little more regulated, overall. Vanity sizing does no one any good. I'll continue searching for button downs that actually fit, and dress pants that don't look funny. I'm stuck in between sizes in many places. The search for the perfect wardrobe continues.

Any comments on the sizing issue? Similar sizes and you've got suggestions on where to shop? Let me know in the comments!

Til next time!

Monday, March 21, 2011

16. I'm just so cold.

In my office, there is never enough heat. Just never. I plan outfits, they're cute, then I need a cardigan and sweater layered to keep myself from freezing to death. A couple of times I've actually had to put my winter jacket back on. Yeah, thanks for that. I really needed to be frozen on top of bored!

Here's Thursday/Friday last week. The first set really amuses me. The green shell was what I wanted to wear. The white DC sweater over the black cardi was what I actually had on the entire day. I had the spirit of St. Paddy's Day alright, though no one could see it other than the green nail polish I was, and still am, wearing. The horseshoe necklace is ridiculously vintage, my Dad was given it by his aunt in the 70's I do believe. I like stealing jewelry from my Mom, never thought I'd be able to take anything from my Dad!

Here's the outfits, what do you think?
DC sweater - pseudio / black cardi - tommy / grey mexx dress pants

green shell - le chateau / green paddy's day tee - bluenotes, circa 2007 / horseshoe necklace - stolen from dad, circa 70's

green sweater - bluenotes / button down - marks / jeans - stitches / tank - f21 / steven madden intyce boots - shoe company

So in love with these boots. Snow go away so I can wear them!

I loved Friday's outfit too. I can never think of ways to wear button-downs. I threw this on with my skinny jeans, I like how it turned out. I used half of a tie belt I cut off a black dress of mine. I'm realizing lately how useful those straps are, belting and accentuating my waist without making it too obvious that I'm belting it. I had to include my best pose imitation of Tiffany from A Reason to be Fabulous. It's a good way to show the outfit off, blurred my face out just for good measure. I probably will start showing myself, but then I've got to worry about make-up and not making weird faces. Maybe not...

Til next time!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

15. First day of spring.

And it snowed. Am I surprised? Of course not!

Another week and weekend over. Went shopping today and got some lovely discounts at the Gap, another pair of my favourite 1969 jeans, light skinnies this time. I'm wearing another of my purchases at the moment, thin knit blue cardigan. It's sooo comfy cozy. Gonna be great for spring and layering, since it's never warm enough in this province. In better news, the boy gets home again on Wednesday! He's back and forth so much I lose track of it all the time. Hoping to head out home this weekend, haven't been there in about a month. The 4 hour drive is not something I'm looking forward to again.

These outfits are from Tuesday/Wednesday this week. Work and a conference, since I had Monday off. It was so nice out, but still cold at the office. I'm getting into a bit of a uniform, black pants and cardigan, with printed shirt or scarf. It works for me! :)

scarf - old navy / tee - f21 / cardi - tommy hilfiger / black pants - espirit

Close up of scarf. LOOOVVVVEEEE <3

lace tee, remixed. cardi. & espirit dress pants - samuel & co / white tank - f21 / flats - clarks indigo

I had no idea what to wear to the conference. Some attendees were wearing suits, others jeans. There was a mix of people from a mix of agencies. I think I was comfortably in the middle. The lace top I got after Christmas at sales, with a gift card. I love how it can be worn with the scoop in front or in the back as I did here. It changes up the whole look of the outfit! This is definitely the type of outfit I'll be continuing to remix and switch up with different colors of tanks or jeans instead of dress pants. It's just so cute.

That's it for today, another OOTD post coming tomorrow! Too much to fit it all in one this time, I don't want to clutter it up with pictures.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project 52: Week 11

Yesterday was busy for me, at work and outside, decided to take a day off from blogging. It coincided with the blogging day of silence, for Japan. I'm not personally affected by the tragedy but it's hard not to get caught up in all the news about it. Somewhat fitting, this week's theme for Project 52 is darks and lights. Here's my shot, view from out around the bay in NL.

Another view on the darks and lights can be that the sea can show such beauty, but in cases such as the tsunami it can cause such pain. Skipping FBFF this week, I haven't been blogging long enough to know any ways it has changed my life. It will probably have a bigger impact as I continue to blog, so I'm gonna sit this week out.

Til next time!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

15. Soundtrack overload.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm currently on my extended Glee overload still. I've got Volumes 1 through 5 CDs, the Christmas CD, and now thanks to a friend of mine the three smaller episode-centric CD's as well. And songs I've downloaded too. Still in love with the original songs, but last night while listening to the Regionals CD from last season, I realized how much I love the Journey mix that was done. "Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin" is probably my favourite. So upbeat and good!


This post could not be done without the help of What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? The fabulous site chronicles all things Emma, and Jayma Mays by default. I love seeing the, well, everything that the girls post on a regular basis. Emma's style is so perfect and sweet and pretty and preppy. Just awesome. The Emma absence throughout the series at points is always sad, because her clothes and character really are the best. Just ever.

Okay, so they're not all the same size but they're all so prettyyyyy! I'm in love with basically everything Emma wears. All images from

In honour of Emma, I'm not going to re-create an outfit of hers, I'm going to take a page from the WWEPW book and make my own that I think fits with her character! So much fun. I couldn't find a brooch to add to the set, but with simple details and pretty feminine pieces, this look is definitely Emma.

Rose dress
$188 -

Oasis cotton cardigan
10 GBP -

Chinese Laundry patent pumps
$69 -

Kenneth jay lane jewelry
$55 -

So I hope you've all enjoyed this! Glee is so much fun and the fashion's even better! I'm going to try to do another series like this next week with another of my favourite shows. Project 52 photo is done, hopefully to be posted tonight! Hope you've all had a good day and don't forget the green beer to keep in the spirit!

Til next time!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

14. Cheerleaders are mean.

Number two in my Glee character series. I absolutely loved the episode last night, the original songs were so worth the wait! I've heard them before obviously, I even have the Volume 5 CD, but it was nice to see how they were written into the script. Here's my next go! 


She started as a mean cheerleader, got pregnant and we sympathized and liked her for a while, now I don't like her again. She's messing with Finn and messing with Rachel, who are clearly meant to be together. Anyways. I still like her clothes. Haha. First two images from and last from 


The first picture is the cheerleader of course. Preppy and ruler of the school. Second is mid-pregnancy, when we saw Quinn as a naive childish girl who got herself in trouble. Lots of dresses and cardigans, in pretty innocent colors. Quinn was always seen as the fallen angel of sorts, preppy but soft, never too bold like her nemesis. The last is from this week's episode "Original Song". Still softer, but with Quinn getting a bigger and bolder attitude in Season 2, you can see a much stronger girl coming out of it. Much more trendy now as well. Take a look at how to put this together below!

Vintage dress
85 GBP -


Hope you're enjoying my view of Glee! Stay tuned for Emma tomorrow!

Til next time!