About Me

My reasons for creating this blog were pretty simple. I've been an avid blog reader for a couple of years, and with the introduction of a lot of free time accompanying my workterm, I decided to start my own style blog. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not that stylish, but I think I do have my moments sometimes.

My Style
It's something I'm still working on. Challenges for me mostly focus around dealing with the weather in NL Canada. I can say with certainty that 10 months of the year it's cool enough to wear a jacket, not including the period where the ground freezes and it turns into marshmallow land. The changing lifestyle of a co-op student means I go between university semesters and work-term placements, which have very different definitions of acceptable. With the help of this blog I'm taking more risks in my fashion choices while keeping to a reasonable budget and learning what works and what doesn't!

21 Random things about Me:
- I drink tea whenever possible, and its my most frequented beverage.
- Living in the ever-present fog keeps me at my palest.
- I have some compulsions, including but not limited to: moving furniture, keeping school notes organized, meeting deadlines.
- I bake when I'm bored.
- I also prefer to give away my baked goods instead of eating them.
- Drama was my favourite thing about high school.
- When not forced into mandatory classes, I like school.
- I don't like mornings but my body usually doesn't let me sleep in.
- I rotate music like clothing
- I hate doing laundry
- When no one is home, I've been known to sing really really loud to whatever I'm currently obsessed with. Adele is frequently belted out in my house this month.
- I've also been known to do this when I forget people are home. Embarrassing when I do that.
- Shopping is one of my favourite tasks.
- That said, I'm incredibly cheap.
- I could live off carbs, bread and pasta. LOVE. I'n trying to cut down in the hope of making my pants less tight!
- I'm not completely addicted to my Blackberry, but it's close.
- My most prized possession is my Nikon D90.
- I love photography but I don't do nearly enough to improve my photos.
- I'm very vocal about what I want.
- I'm a sugar person. I have many sweet teeth.
- I'm an only child, I was spoiled growing up, and I continue to embrace it :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask, or email me at samantha0516@hotmail.com!