Monday, September 24, 2012

140. An absence.

I realized lately I've reached a new level of neglect for my blog. It's not something I'm completely happy with, but that's what happens when life gets in the way. Reasons for said absence? It has been over a month, you see. August was it's own kind of busy, finishing up my work-term and the associated things to do. I managed to get a post in before I headed on my vacation time, but the relaxation left me to my own devices. Saw Keith Urban (!!!!) for the second time and loved it intensely. Some conflict happened with my tickets but I got a great seat after and even managed to hang with a friend during the show.

Montreal was such an amazing time. I loved the feel of the city, and getting to explore around it with my Mom. I brought my Nikon with me to try and document some of my outfits, but carrying it around while shopping got a little old. Still need to get Mom's pictures to post a few. Something I'm hoping to do soon.

After Montreal came Fredericton, to see the best friend before her return home! Met some more of her family and the new BF, who is a sweetheart. I like seeing her happy :) Our road-trip home was long and tiring but it was definitely a good experience. 36 hours, and I saw 4 provinces in 4 days. Well traveled takes on another new meaning.

And then we come to the real fun part: my second last term of university. School is busy all.the.time. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things after being away from real classes for a year. I fully intended to update once I returned but classes hit me hard, along with all the work necessary for it. I'm trying to wear things that are comfortable but still cute. It's a challenge when it's still freaking summer here. On that note, here's my way of coping with the heat but still looking school appropriate.

Also, new hair! Yay!

shirt - H&M / skirt - Old Navy, circa 2003 / scarf - street vendor, in Rome / flats - AE from Payless

I still haven't gotten around to wearing all my new clothes. I bought lots of cute stuff in Montreal but the weather isn't cooperating for the most part. More stripes to add, of course. A lot of the things I got were very dressy, so I'm trying to figure out how to bring them back to casual. It's an interesting challenge.

And on that note, off again I go. Two papers due this week, one written and one outlined but left to be finished. School work never ends for me. I'm gonna work harder to make sure that the next post isn't so long coming!

Til next time!