Wednesday, March 23, 2011

17. What size am I?

I'm pretty aware of my size. I may not always like it, but for the most part I know what sizes I take. Except for the couple extra pounds hanging on my hips (read: love-handles, blechhh) I'm happy most days with my body. Lately, it's not my body that's causing me grief, it's the sizing.

Clothing sizes have definitely changed in recent years, I know that much. And I've put on a few pounds too, I agree. But the way that I'm told I go down a size when in reality I know I haven't is kind of off-putting. It's nice, but putting on the new size in another store sometimes slaps you in the face with the fact that no, you aren't smaller. Your butt is the same, the number is just different.

I agree that it's terrible to have such a fixation on numbers, but there's always got to be some comparison. An 8 in one store shouldn't equal to a 4 in another. I need consistency people! So, listed below I've got some of my sizes, listed by retailer. I'm about 5'8"-ish, and I suppose you can gather around what my weight should be from the sizes. I forgot to measure myself so none of the hips to waist things. These sizes are about what I currently wear, and while some have stayed the same it's weird to me that things can vary so much.

Had to make a paint file so it would format right :)

In some cases, the sizes fit me perfectly. I tend to vary more in tops, mainly because I get my jeans or pants in a couple of specific places. If it fits, I will continue to shop there! Somewhat related to this way my shopping excursion to the Gap recently. I tried on a bunch of stuff, but only ended up getting three items. Side note on the jeans, I've fallen in love with the 1969 line. The Always Skinny in 29/8 L fit perfect and left enough to cover my ankles. Image from Someone unfairly, the premium dress pants now offered do not fit at all, in any style. Dress pants do not fit me right, ever.

I found a long sleeved tee on sale, not found on the website. It's an XS and the perfect fit, though quite baggy in the torso. I think this must be the design, because while trying on the "Perfect shirt", pictured right, I found that the XS was tight. Not unbearably so, but a little too snug for comfort.

I think sizes need to be a little more regulated, overall. Vanity sizing does no one any good. I'll continue searching for button downs that actually fit, and dress pants that don't look funny. I'm stuck in between sizes in many places. The search for the perfect wardrobe continues.

Any comments on the sizing issue? Similar sizes and you've got suggestions on where to shop? Let me know in the comments!

Til next time!

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