Monday, August 20, 2012

139. Slowing it down

top - LOFT / pants - Smart Set / shoes (not pictured) - flats from AE

A couple of leftover work outfits that I remembered to take but forgot to post. The speed of life has slowed down, finally. Today is my first Monday off since..April? It's a nice feeling.

Not a whole lot happening besides that, which is a nice thing to be able to say. I'm hoping to head out home for a few days soon, before I head off on my next adventure. Montreal with my Mom and Aunt for a week, then road-tripping from NB with my bestie! It's going to be a good way to start off the school year, since she's moving in once we arrive back to St. John's :)

Off to take care of the errands I haven't had a chance to do all summer. I'm not certain, but I think they might take me a while :P

Til next time!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

138. Keep it simple.

cardigan - Target / shirt - AA / skirt - Dynamite / flats - Marc

I had such, such good intentions for this month's EBEW. I picked out what I was going to wear, had it all planned out for Tuesday morning and it was going to be lovely. 

Then Tuesday happened. 

It rained buckets, I was late for work, and when I got home from work I realized my internet/tv/phone had all crapped out on me. My lovely outfit wouldn't be documented! I only had it fixed last night and didn't have time to post with work. 

So instead, I'm just posting it now. I always want to wear the EBEW outfits on the day of posting, just in case I see someone following the same theme. It's a far off chance, I know, but it's possible. I've worn a very similar variation of this outfit before, but the bare bones version. I love pairing these blues together. The skirt was the best choice for me, both color and item wise, since the humidity plaguing my dear city hadn't broken yet. It did yesterday, and now it's cold and I want my heat back. Never thought I'd be saying that. 

I hope to get back into my posting soon. I'm saying that at a somewhat bad time as I'm soon off on vacation and going away for a couple of weeks! Really excited about that, first a trip with my Mom and then road trip with the bestie! Hopefully I'll use some of my spare time to write a few posts up. I'll be committing myself back to my blog once the fall hits.

Thanks for everyone who's continued visiting me here and stick around, it's going to be better promise! I may not be involved technically, but head on over to the EBEW site to see how everyone else interpreted their monochromatic looks!

Til next time! :)