Wednesday, March 30, 2011

20. Would you lie with my and just forget the world?

Oh Snow Patrol. I've loved you forever, and Chasing Cars is so iconic for Grey's. It's featured in most commercials for the upcoming musical event, which is tomorrow (!!!!). I had stated previously it was last week, but I was mistaken. Whoops.

So today's post is a tribute to the best Grey's clothing moments. No Polyvore set today, just focus on the clothes. The beautiful, beautiful clothes. :)

Izzie's prom dress - S2E27: breaks my heart every time I watch this episode! so sad, so beautiful.

Cristina's Wedding Dress - S3E25: heartbreaking! Yang gives herself over to Burke and he leaves her. Boo!

Addison Appears - S1E9: The entrance of the Ruler of All Things Evil, Satan.

Joe's - S7E9: Shows some of the cast in their bar gear. McSteamy, Callie and Bailey out enjoying a "slow night"

<3 - S5E19: My favourite. The proposal. *sigh*
Seriously, how could you not love this show? So much drama and goodness. I've got 5 seasons on DVD, waiting on 6 and currently watching 7. I love every minute :)


Til next time!

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