Monday, March 21, 2011

16. I'm just so cold.

In my office, there is never enough heat. Just never. I plan outfits, they're cute, then I need a cardigan and sweater layered to keep myself from freezing to death. A couple of times I've actually had to put my winter jacket back on. Yeah, thanks for that. I really needed to be frozen on top of bored!

Here's Thursday/Friday last week. The first set really amuses me. The green shell was what I wanted to wear. The white DC sweater over the black cardi was what I actually had on the entire day. I had the spirit of St. Paddy's Day alright, though no one could see it other than the green nail polish I was, and still am, wearing. The horseshoe necklace is ridiculously vintage, my Dad was given it by his aunt in the 70's I do believe. I like stealing jewelry from my Mom, never thought I'd be able to take anything from my Dad!

Here's the outfits, what do you think?
DC sweater - pseudio / black cardi - tommy / grey mexx dress pants

green shell - le chateau / green paddy's day tee - bluenotes, circa 2007 / horseshoe necklace - stolen from dad, circa 70's

green sweater - bluenotes / button down - marks / jeans - stitches / tank - f21 / steven madden intyce boots - shoe company

So in love with these boots. Snow go away so I can wear them!

I loved Friday's outfit too. I can never think of ways to wear button-downs. I threw this on with my skinny jeans, I like how it turned out. I used half of a tie belt I cut off a black dress of mine. I'm realizing lately how useful those straps are, belting and accentuating my waist without making it too obvious that I'm belting it. I had to include my best pose imitation of Tiffany from A Reason to be Fabulous. It's a good way to show the outfit off, blurred my face out just for good measure. I probably will start showing myself, but then I've got to worry about make-up and not making weird faces. Maybe not...

Til next time!

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