Sunday, March 20, 2011

15. First day of spring.

And it snowed. Am I surprised? Of course not!

Another week and weekend over. Went shopping today and got some lovely discounts at the Gap, another pair of my favourite 1969 jeans, light skinnies this time. I'm wearing another of my purchases at the moment, thin knit blue cardigan. It's sooo comfy cozy. Gonna be great for spring and layering, since it's never warm enough in this province. In better news, the boy gets home again on Wednesday! He's back and forth so much I lose track of it all the time. Hoping to head out home this weekend, haven't been there in about a month. The 4 hour drive is not something I'm looking forward to again.

These outfits are from Tuesday/Wednesday this week. Work and a conference, since I had Monday off. It was so nice out, but still cold at the office. I'm getting into a bit of a uniform, black pants and cardigan, with printed shirt or scarf. It works for me! :)

scarf - old navy / tee - f21 / cardi - tommy hilfiger / black pants - espirit

Close up of scarf. LOOOVVVVEEEE <3

lace tee, remixed. cardi. & espirit dress pants - samuel & co / white tank - f21 / flats - clarks indigo

I had no idea what to wear to the conference. Some attendees were wearing suits, others jeans. There was a mix of people from a mix of agencies. I think I was comfortably in the middle. The lace top I got after Christmas at sales, with a gift card. I love how it can be worn with the scoop in front or in the back as I did here. It changes up the whole look of the outfit! This is definitely the type of outfit I'll be continuing to remix and switch up with different colors of tanks or jeans instead of dress pants. It's just so cute.

That's it for today, another OOTD post coming tomorrow! Too much to fit it all in one this time, I don't want to clutter it up with pictures.

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