Wednesday, March 16, 2011

14. Cheerleaders are mean.

Number two in my Glee character series. I absolutely loved the episode last night, the original songs were so worth the wait! I've heard them before obviously, I even have the Volume 5 CD, but it was nice to see how they were written into the script. Here's my next go! 


She started as a mean cheerleader, got pregnant and we sympathized and liked her for a while, now I don't like her again. She's messing with Finn and messing with Rachel, who are clearly meant to be together. Anyways. I still like her clothes. Haha. First two images from and last from 


The first picture is the cheerleader of course. Preppy and ruler of the school. Second is mid-pregnancy, when we saw Quinn as a naive childish girl who got herself in trouble. Lots of dresses and cardigans, in pretty innocent colors. Quinn was always seen as the fallen angel of sorts, preppy but soft, never too bold like her nemesis. The last is from this week's episode "Original Song". Still softer, but with Quinn getting a bigger and bolder attitude in Season 2, you can see a much stronger girl coming out of it. Much more trendy now as well. Take a look at how to put this together below!

Vintage dress
85 GBP -


Hope you're enjoying my view of Glee! Stay tuned for Emma tomorrow!

Til next time!

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