Monday, October 3, 2011

77. This is supposed to be a hurricane?

Thank you to those who read my ramblings! I didn't go on like I could have, which I had to stop myself from doing, and edited about 15 times before I finally published the post. I love writing but I always think I can say things better. I ramble a lot and it never really comes out right.

Jacket - Mavi / Shirt - Le Chateau / Belt - Joe Fresh / Pants - Mexx / Flats - Clarks

Another hurricane (our second in about a month) and an overdue OOTD. This was early last week, when I finally managed to wear my denim jacket, after spending only forever trying to find one. I love it so much. My clothing obsession is a little intense, when trying to find a particular piece. For examples, see polka dots, bright pants, statement necklace, pink shirt that I visited every store in the city to find, just to name a few. I have issues.

I seem to be getting better traffic on the blog when I do less posts, so I'm thinking I may start just doing that. I don't always wear blog-worthy outfits, outfits that have an interesting detail or that I think other people would want to see. Quality wins over quantity, right? Plus no one really wants to see my Hollister tees, or sweatpants, or pjs. Weekends are for comfy, weekdays are for dressing up.

My last order of business: the totally awesome Courtney of  I Can Be Many Things has graciously offered to create a background track to a song that I may sing and post on the blog (little does she know what she's getting herself into...ha!) Thoughts on what it should be? Adele is a popular choice but I'd probably do something that's not as popular, like Turning Tables or Set Fire To The Rain. Or I could go with my standard Sarah McLachlan's Angel (the make-everyone-cry song). I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Til next time!

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