Thursday, October 6, 2011

78. Enough wind to blow me away.

I've managed to not blow away yet. A giant feat, in fact, as the wind here just keeps blowing!!! If you've ever been to Newfoundland, you will understand this well. There's always a breeze, but now walking is difficult.  Luckily enough, Boyfriend was still here for these pictures last week so I didn't have to endanger my Nikon & tripod. He's gone now, back to the land of the Oil Sands. Alberta sucks. 

sweater - Jacob / pants - Espirit / flats - Clarks.

I only have one new piece left to wear. It's a skirt, but it's cold and the wind won't stop blowing, so I haven't worn it yet. This sweater is quickly becoming another one of my new favourites. I love the bright blue of the sweater. I'm drawn to crew necks but this is slighter wider, a ballet-inspired neck I think it said? Either way, it's cozy and stretchy and awesome. And warm, a very large necessity in this weather. 

I can't believe I've got a whole month of work finished. Things still aren't happening quickly so I spend more time than I want on blogs and surfing the internet. I'm looking forward to starting my report and actually getting to my purpose. It's interesting working in the Community Sector, a much different dynamic even if it's not any faster than public sector work.

Updates for this week are pretty slim since I mentioned the biggest change for me already. I don't like it when the Boyfriend leaves. I get so into a routine when he's here that it's so much of a change when he's gone. It's a 2 weeks on/1 week off rotation so I never get back to a schedule haha. A really great thing about this weekend? I get to finally go home! My parents are back and forth so often I forget that I haven't been home, but I am really looking forward to it. It's nice to be in my own room even though I've gotten really comfortable here at my house in town. My camera needs some use, so hopefully that happens this weekend haha. I still have Project 52 photos to post, they're all taken but I forget to upload them. My mind escapes me sometimes.

Off for a night of Big Bang and Grey's! Yay!

Til next time!

P.S. Any more suggestions on songs? I'm thinking Set Fire to the Rain is probably my winner!

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