Monday, June 27, 2011

41. A break.

I've taken a slightly prolonged break from everything except studying. Such is life, my last post described it in more detail. Thanks to my few commentors, it really helped. I'm still not up to posting much, just in a funk but I'm going to try to work posting into my daily schedule, or at least a couple times a week.

Grey Blazer - Mexx  / Pink tee - Suzy Shier / Jeans - Gap 1969 Perfect Boot  / Sneakers - New Balance

This outfit is one of my favourites from the past month. It was a while ago actually, when I had time to go outside and do stuff. What a concept! First time wearing my new grey Mexx blazer, which I still haven't worn much since it's both a) cold and b) wet. 

These were taken out in Bay Bulls near the Bread & Cheese Inn. Such a cute little place, the boy and I had supper after venturing around the coastline. I had the spinach ravioli, ohmygod so gooddd! I love having the boy to take pictures. He's much better than I am at focusing, when I'm taking self-portraits. Even managed to get a jewelry shot in! Look at that!

That's it for today I think. Two posts, not bad. Off to get ready for class, oh joy.

Til next time!

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