Friday, March 9, 2012

122. The Anthro Experience

A few weeks ago, I had a trip into London (see this post) where I broke away by myself and did some shopping. Now, I don't know if any of you have been to London before, but the shopping is actually ridiculous. Oxford Circus, Bond Street and Regent Street were the streets I stuck to, just because I was familiar with them already and they're on the Central Line. Win-win in my books.

my basic area. note most of these streets are all shops!

After finishing a few tourist-y things that Sunday, I decided that it was time for me to find a dress for the Brits and to finally find Anthropologie. I've been in love with all of the things I've seen from there for a long time, basically since I started my obsession with blogs. I knew that since I actually had time and knew approximately where the store was located that I had to stop in. For anyone who knows what an Anthro store is like, you will understand my reaction upon entering. It was all just so...pretty! And my next reaction upon looking at the price tags was, oh crap. It's so expensive! The exchange rate for Pounds to CAD Dollars doesn't help either, where everything becomes even that much more expensive. I found a bunch of cute items, guessed at sizes and headed to the dressing room after looking over each floor several times. Despite my best hopes, it was a giant fail. I picked things mostly too big, even though the sizes were all US. It wasn't looking good. I was going to take pictures of my items, but I got a little sad with them being not as cute as I'd hoped. I headed back out to the floor in search of simpler items that were still pretty cute in hope of finding something to buy.

Then I found it.

I went to the bottom floor and wandered up to the homewares section, where I saw the sale sign but found no sales. In the back corner of the room, in a hidden room off to the right, was the sale section. An entire room of reduced clothing that I could somewhat afford! I kind of went a little crazy, picking out a million things that were all oh so pretty. Since I'd already had fitting room time, I didn't want to go back and after all it was two floors up. I sat on a nearby couch to sort what was worth buying and what didn't deserve a home in my closet. My trip to Anthro managed to turn out pretty awesome!

I haven't taken photos of all the pieces yet, even though I've worn all of them finally, but that will come soon enough. Here is the Striped Intersection top, which was originally priced at $98 US I think, because Anthro keeps redirecting me from the original listing. I got it for 20 GBP, or about $31 US! Giant win! (ps sorry for not cropping, I was so happy to get a picture that worked I decided to just use it!)

Top: Anthro / Jeans: Stitches / Flats: Clarks (not pictured)

I had to keep readjusting the stripes, since they're all flaps of fabric layered over one another. A minor annoyance for a shirt I'm really liking. The fabric is light but fitted, so it's good for layering but not so good for keeping warm. I found this out while only wearing a shirt to class, and then freezing for 2 hours. I learned my lesson and brought my thick wool sweater next time.

And that's it for me today! I'm off again tomorrow for more travels and hoping to update my trips from last weekend and this one coming by Monday or Tuesday! Hope everyone has a great weekend, can't believe we're into the second one of March already. Crazy!

Til next time!


Emmett Katherine said...

Love your first anthropology purchase!!! They do have some great sales. I like anthro (the fit of things is really hit or miss, I don't think I could shop online with them) but can only justify buying suff on sale, I think the original prices are Waaaaaay to high!

Anyways the store is pretty & their housewares section is awesome!

Sam said...

Thanks so much! I found that there were so many pretty things I liked, but the prices were ridiculous for most of them. I didn't try on either of the pieces I bought but luckily they all worked out well. It was better to see them in person though, I at least had some frame of reference. And I would love to have a closer store to my hometown, I'd love to have all of the gorgeous things for my house!