Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 43 & 44: London

Horribly behind on what I've been doing, but for good reasons that you'll see if you wait patiently for more updates haha. The few days after Stonehenge were as the middle of many weeks has been, slow with studying in the way of having fun. With a midterm approaching closely, I knew that I wasn't going to be able to travel without being paranoid about the amount of studying I had to do, so I planned accordingly. I spent the weekend here in Harlow but a couple of the girls stayed back too, so we headed into London on Saturday and Sunday to explore a little more of this gigantic city.

Upon entering the city, there wasn't too much of plan for what we were going to do except for a commitment at 2. We headed to Covent Garden first to look around the market and I obviously fell in love with too many things. I also finally found the Laduree store and died with happiness. I've been waiting to try a french macaron since Paris, and didn't push to find the store. Then, it appeared from nowhere in the market. I'm pretty sure that was one of the best moments of the day. We looked around and then headed to Piccadilly Circus, where we had dessert in the form of Cinnabon and then headed to our next stop, the Apollo Victoria Theatre to see Wicked!!! It was absolutely amazing, and I'm trying to figure out what other show I'm going to see next. Here's a few pictures from Saturday and some of the sights!

in front of the fountain
done up so pretty, the box is actually adorable
little British car at the Cool Brittania store
trafalgar square
piccadilly, a family thing lol
outside of the theatre!
our view :D
Katie, Dyanna and me
 Click through for Sunday!

Sunday was off for more exploring, but it was a nicer day so we did more walking. That, and it was completely empty. We ended up missing the train but caught one about a half hour later. My first time going to Stratford, which was interesting. I know now I've got multiple options for getting into London, which is very convenient.

We went first to the London bridge, which I had before assumed to be the Tower Bridge. Not so much. It gave a great view of the Tower Bridge though. We looked around then took the Thames walk towards the Tower of London which I still have yet to go in. A few pictures around there and we went to the Tower Bridge exhibition. I thought it might be open but no such luck. Good views of the river and central London too. After than Dyanna and I separated, since I wanted to do some more shopping and she had a couple of other sights to visit. The Underground delays that day were horrendous, but I stuck to the central line and avoided most of it! Really crowded though.

Below are pictures of the day, few captions cause they're pretty self-explanatory!

my starbucks addiction is growing steadily

in front of the Tower of London
memorial to the men lost at sea

tower bridge!

view in front of the bridge
Piccadilly circus at night
And that was another weekend in London! My shopping was successful like I mentioned in my last post, but that's still yet to come! I told you all, I fail at outfit photos lately. Rest assured I'm giving my new Anthro clothes lots of love!

Til next time!

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