Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 52 & 53: London

Following our jaunt to Scotland, I thought it was important to see some of the sights of London while my Mom was here. Since I don't have classes on Mondays, we took the day and part of Tuesday afternoon as well to see some of the major sights and get a feel for what London is like.

This is going to be a primarily picture post, with some captions. If you don't like reading you're in for a treat, and if you do want to know more just comment and I'll let you know any details!

breakfast on Monday morning at the Green Man
me and my beautiful Mommy
waiting for the train
at Trafalgar Square. I'll be climbing on those lions in the near future
while waiting for the city tour bus. so many cabs!

view from the bus
the Thames
lunch break at an Italian American restaurant
mac and cheese for me, hawaiian pizza for mom
phone booth, typical tourist pic
back on the double decker, in the front seats.
second tour. a better view of Trafalgar Sq. fountain

Waldorf Hotel
some kind of film crew?

no significance, I just love candy :P
I don't remember the name, but it's where Princess Di's body was held before her funeral
another square

L: random sculpture, and R: view of Big Ben from the tour bus

st. paul's cathedral
"supper". Cinnabon and Costa drinks
Mom in Piccadilly Circus
back to the Tube to get the train home
 And that was only Day 1. Click through for Day 2, and sorry for any loading problems because of all the pictures!

So, Day 1 was sightseeing and bus tours. I had class on Tuesday morning so we left a little later, but it was a nicer day and we had less planned to do. Here's Day 2 of London!

waiting for the train again
lunch when we got in, Tesco Express for the win
our view of Parliament from the corner
L: inside Westminster Abbey. I take no photo rules as "don't use flash" rules
R: the grounds

view of the ceiling in one of the churches
looking at the main altar
choir seats
 views from outside the Abbey

 Big Ben, and with us in front. both of kilter lol

at Abbey Road!
sign placed on a building so it's not stolen

above, what I wrote, and below writing on the wall

Abbey Road studios
in front of the busy road

walking across
 we each had a turn at the Platform. I pushed really hard, but no luck! :P

on the train home
sticky toffee pudding. new favourite dessert!
And that was our two days in London! I loved having my Mom over here so much, the best part was just seeing her experience new things and being able to show her around my temporary home! I think she enjoyed it, since she's already talked about coming back.

Off again to continue with homework, hopefully an OOTD post soon and more pics from this past weekend! I really don't stop, do I? 

Love you Mommy!

Til next time!

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