Saturday, August 20, 2011

53. Something unexpected.

Okay I'm not gonna lie. This one confused the hell out of me. How am I supposed to wear something unexpected? Something not for it's original purpose? I've worn shirts or dresses in different ways than intended before but this kind of stumped me. So I decided to go all out. This started as a dress from H&M, bought the first time I was in one in NY back in 2008. I loved this dress, it was so useful and functional and cute! Swingy skirt was so fun but not so good on windy days as it was a little too short for a skirt that wide. I wore it as a skirt last year for the first time and realized how much more awesome it was. I did this a few times, then decided I would get my seamstress (a.k.a. Mom) to permanently cut it off. It still needs to have the elastic fixed but it's so much better now. So, here's how I'm wearing it unexpectedly... a shirt! I've done this with my most favourite American Apparel dress, seen here. Not something I'd wear everyday but an interesting change, no? P.S. I promise to start resizing my pictures, I shoot in a huge format and they get so distorted! Blech.

I'm having a wonderful time being out home. It's foggy and overcast most of the time, but it's nice to be back relaxing. Nothing too much going on and that's quite alright with me. I'm planning on doing some baking today, so hopefully I'll get to post a recipe later on! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Til next time!

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