Friday, August 19, 2011

52. Belt it

Cardigan - Target
Tank - Urban Planet
Jeans - diy'ed, Bluenotes
Belt - f21

I have a confession to make. Up til about last year, I thought that belting things was weird. Gasp! I didn't understand why you'd add on more accessories to an outfit when it fit fine. I now realize my silly ways, and my accessorizing is slowly improving. Very slowly, but it's happening at least. My belt collection is now increasingly steadily. I've got mostly skinny belts with a few wider ones. I love having a simple outfit and adding a pop of color with my most favourite hot pink belt, or cinching in my waist with my wide black elastic belt. They're so versatile, I think everyone should have at least one skinny and one wide belt, so wear with anything!

So, for today I chose my new favourite skinny belt. It's a cheapie from f21, braided "leather". I just love how long it is, so I can wear it around my waist or hips. I love belting cardigans just to add a little something to the look. Nothing too special, but a good outfit I think. I also had to include a picture of my hair. I saw this last night on "Rules of Engagement" and I had to try it out. Definitely going to be done again and again.

Like my room? It's the childhood bedroom, and the decal behind me was hand painted by me and my bestie. Good times. Also, no editing program at all so these are all straight from the camera! A little dark but that's okay :)

Til next time!

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