Tuesday, August 16, 2011

49. The fog returns.

Dress as skirt - American Apparel
Tee - f21
Flats - American Eagle, via Payless
And I still can't get a decent picture. Boyfriend took these today, and my glasses still got a brutal glare. I will figure this out soon enough. The pictures are basically all the same but I'm counting today as a win, two days of blogging in a row. Baby steps...

Day 2 of the Challenge is Tucked in. I'm not nearly brave enough to do a button-up tucked in, so a skirt it shall be. I do this alot, very used to it with work. I looove to tuck in shirts with skirts, it compliments my waist which is significantly smaller than my hips. This skirt is actually a dress, American Apparel jersey dress. When I wear it I tend to circulate about 5 different ways, skirt top and three variations of a dress. It's just so versatile and the color is so happy. I've gotten lots of compliments on it, usually people saying how much they love my dress when it's worn in the skirt/tank combo! Gotta love multi-tasking clothing.

The only downside to skirts like these? The wind likes to take them and blow them around. I may have flashed someone while running errands. Just one of the benefits of looking pretty, I suppose!

Til next time!

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