Wednesday, August 17, 2011

50. Be brave.

I'm getting better at taking pictures. Well, boyfriend is getting a little better. It's still a little blurry and the exposure's not right but we'll deal, yes?

Tank - Urban Planet
Skirt - Anthropologie, second-hand
Shoes - white sandals from Spring. forgot to put them on for pics!

I was so so so scared for this. Day 3 is Patten Mixing. I love seeing all the pattern mixing on other blogs but I'm always afraid I'll look like a freak. I was still a little scared with this outfit, even though it's pretty tame. I probably would have preferred going with a thinner smaller stripe, but alas this is what my closet came up with. I was also a little surprised by how much pattern I have. Mostly skirts, but still I'm getting more varied in my choices! Yay!

I'm so in love with this skirt it hurts (true color in top right), but I always end up wearing it on windy days. Yeah, great idea on my part. The flirty floaty skirt that has a tendency to make me flash people. I'm not a flasher, even though I end up mentioning my near-flashing ways about every third post. I promise I'm mostly sane. See how I've worn it before --> [link]

P.s. I had tacos for supper. I hope you're all jealous. And steak last night. Life is good.

Til next time!

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