Tuesday, July 3, 2012

134. Working on it

cardi - Tommy Hilfiger / shirt - Urban Planet / bralet - Walmart / jeans - H&M / flats - LOFT

Things I'm working on: 
- accepting that my closet isn't what I want it to be. 
- taking pictures without a mount for my tripod. 
- figuring out what pieces are and are not work appropriate in summer. 
- going to the gym enough that it's worth the effort
- being more social. 

Guess which one is the most difficult? With the exception of the past weekend, the last one. I'm a hermit, what can I say? 

Very glad to have found a way to wear this shirt. I have super high waisted skinny jeans from H&M that I bought in London, for 10 GBP. They're awesome. My other favourite part of this outfit? The shoes. Sighh. I wish I had a LOFT store closer so I could buy everything. Such is life, guess I'll have to keep traveling. 

What was I complaining about again?

Til next time :)

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