Tuesday, June 12, 2012

130. Neon...ish?

So being that I have become a bad blogger, I am not surprised in the least that I forgot to wear something ridiculously neon on this EBEW day. I did however wear something bright, so that's pretty close right?


shirt - LOFT / pants - Mango / tank - J. Crew / shoes - TOMS (not pictured) 

These pictures are hating on me hard. Blogger doesn't want me here! That's kind of rude, I think.

Another short post, but I do have several lined up. I'm getting a little better. My tripod mount has gone missing, but I am making do. I even went to the gym and showered before taking these. That's dedication people. 

Red may not be neon, but with the looks I was getting around here, it might as well be.

Neon | Everybody, Everywear

Til next time!

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Emmett Katherine said...

I love the red pants! Lol at the "with the looks I get around here" line. Ahhhhhh SO true in smaller Canadian cities. Disregard the looks, your red pants rock!