Thursday, May 17, 2012

126. It's been fixed.

Another absence on my part! I started work last Monday, so week 2 is almost over. It's a little hard to get back into the swing of things at the moment. I go to work by 8, not off til 5, and then yoga at some point around the day. I've got over a hundred blog posts backed up on my Reader. I usually check them about 3 times a day, and with the restrictions on internet time at work, I'm both more productive and less able to look at fun things.

Getting used to my work clothes and closet is a pretty interesting task. Getting used to being back in Newfoundland was a challenge too. I didn't want to post any OOTD pics for the first week, for a few reasons. I may have been wearing some of my new clothes, but I slept alot and needed a hair appointment desperately. So with all of my fixing done, here's my first outfit post of my last workterm!

 cardigan - Pull & Bear / shirt - Cortefiel / tank - bluenotes / pants - Mexx / flats - Clarks

You might recognize this from one of my few outfit posts from this term. It's the shirt my cousin gave me from her extensive closet. A good time indeed, and once it was altered it's quickly become a favourite. I love how it's so light and pretty, but the way it makes me look a little wide in the tummy area is a little annoying. It poofs out right on the front of my belly. No pictures, but you can imagine it I'm sure.

I really hope I manage to get back to posting! I have so much nice clothes that I need to get into wearing again. And jewelry. I looked cute today too, but alas I was home too late for pictures. I will get back into this, I must! And to those who continue to visit and check up on what I'm doing, thank you. Sincerely. I appreciate the interest and your continued support! I'm off to catch up on blog reading before packing for my trip home this weekend. Super excited :)

Til next time!

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