Monday, May 21, 2012

127. Birthday gifts.

As I'm technically on vacation, since today is a holiday in Canada, this is going to be a short post! I have meant to post my outfits many times since I started work, the one I wore last Wednesday in particular since it was my birthday! I had three outfit changes though, so it wasn't such an easy task. I wore awesome red pants for work, a beautiful lace dress for supper, and then changed back into my yoga pants for a good class. Long but good day.

So in lieu of birthday outfits, here's my birthday presents! One is from the parents, one from the boyfriend. Want to guess which is which? I'll tell you anyways. The mixer is from my wonderful boyfriend, to replace the broken one he tried to give me at Christmas. I'm planning on doing some a lot of baking in the next week to try it out. First up is cupcakes, I think.

And from my parents? Along with bringing me to Florida in a couple of weeks, I finally got a new leather jacket! I say new, though I've never owned one so technically it's my first. I love the style and color, and you'll definitely be seeing this in rotation soon! To those of you living in locations with actual seasons, yes it is still cool enough to wear a leather jacket here. Such is Newfoundland and my life, but I love it nonetheless.

So with that said, I'm off to finish packing up! Have to head back to town today for work tomorrow. I completely want more time here but weekends will have to do for now. To all Canadian readers, I hope you've had a wonderful May 2-4, and to everyone else I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

Til next time!

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