Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 77-79: Liverpool

Weekend number 2 of Boyfriend's stay was a trip to Liverpool to see his favourite soccer team, of the same name. The train ride to Liverpool started the on the Friday after my alumni dinner. We stayed in London the night before, just because of the ease of moving from the hotel to train station as opposed to having to get back to London from Harlow. I managed to kick us both out of bed to make it on the 11 AM train heading out.

on the train, first time taking a long ride for the boy!

the hotel lobby

welcome sign.
So naturally, since we arrived in Liverpool, the first thing to do was a tour of Anfield. We arrived about 2 and headed to check in at the hotel. Once I managed to laze for a little bit, we hopped in a taxi and headed for the field of dreams.

I have never seen my boyfriend so happy as I have once I saw him standing on the sidelines. I know he would have loved to get a ball and go for a kick on the pitch, but they had very specific signs telling us to not do that. He didn't stop smiling til we left, and I think he was still ridiculously happy just being that close to the home of the LFC.

in the LFC store, where the giddy smile starts

neither bit happy.

tour guide sitting explaining the press room

second tour guide, showing us the away team dressing room

 posing with jerseys, L, and touching the infamous sign, R

After the tour of the interior of the stadium, and seeing the infamous sign proclaiming Anfield, we headed out to the pitch. Tried to figure out where our seats were and we managed to narrow it down pretty well.

sitting in the manager, King Kennys, seat

genuine smiles. sigh.


one in front of the pitch

supper at the "Boot Room" after the tour

tasty tasty carbonara
We had supper after the tour then headed back to the hotel. A quiet night, just had a drink in the bar of the hotel. It was pretty nice, I even managed to get decent wifi. A pre-requisite for all lodging now. The room was nice, close to the train station so we heard the announcements which was annoying but not terrible, but the lack of air-conditioning nearly killed me. We left the fan on the second night so I didn't sweat to death, but night 1 was rough.

Saturday morning was up early for breakfast and then game day! There wasn't much else to do besides get ready and head to the field, so we walked around aimlessly for a while before finally finding the bus station. Lots of sign with no real information in Liverpool. Nice enough as a city though. We got dropped off next to the stadium and found a bar to go in a get the first drink of the day. I think we would have drank more had we been in a group, but it was a nice experience anyways. I even had a beer! (big deal for me). The game was better than I thought it would be, even though they lost 2-1.

liverpool threw up on us and this is what came out lol

"lots of room in the outside bar"...should have seen the inside!

pre-game snacks

the match day lounge our tickets gave us access too. surreal.

view from the seats, while sitting.


being stupid, but still happy lol

theme song... you'll never walk alone!

after the one goal.

post-game sadness.
Click through for Sunday's sights!

On Sunday morning, I had managed to sleep better but the time changed, so I was still out an hour of sleep (yeah, the time changes later here. weird, right?) Got up and showered to head out to my choice of venue, the Beatles Story museum.

Not too much to write about it without telling you all about the Beatles, which you should know about. There was lots of information about their formation and backgrounds, which was really interesting to see. I realized I haven't seen their movies, which I plan to do soon. It was really inspiring to see how they were only together for 8 years but accomplished so much in that time span.

a piece of the tree John Lennon climbed in to see the Strawberry Fields

modeled after Mathew Street, where the Beatles started playing

the Cavern club recreation

Sgt Pepper's

Imagine tribute

Liverpool waterfront
And that was another trip for the books! Less captions on the second half of the pictures, my laptop is overheating and arguing with me. I'd love to go back to explore more and learn more about the Beatles, see where the grew up and significant places. It was a pretty good introduction considering we had two days in the city! Another weekend over, another trip back to Harlow. They're getting slim now!

Til next time! 

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