Wednesday, March 28, 2012

124. Dress up, look pretty, sound smart?

The title of this post was the story of my Thursday night, the 22nd. So last Thursday. I had studying to do earlier this week, so this is as close to on time as we're going to get in this month people.

So, why did I get all dressed up and try to impress people? An alumni dinner, held by my university for alumni living in the UK. We've got a private campus over here, and a board directing the operations of MUN UK. Pretty cool actually. There was a lot of important people and many related to the coordination of the Harlow campus. The coolest part about said dinner, where we got a 3 course meal of yummy free food? The location! We were in the Houses of Parliament in central London for this dinner. Now, I don't know about you, but I didn't know that you could have function there.

Driving to central London in a coach was a daunting task, since I was seated near the front and got to see the massive amounts of traffic. It took a long time but it was a good ride anyways. The driver even pointed out a few tourist points along the way, before we hit the most brutal traffic.

First part of the dinner, once we got in through security and had our name tags and such, was pre-dinner drinks along the terrace. On the Thames. With a view of the London Eye. Oh surreal life, please don't end. The next coolest part of the dinner? My roommate and I were seated at the President's table. The students were scattered around and we just happened to be placed there. It was interesting talking to the more important members of MUN, those who are from NL and those who weren't.

view from the Terrace
the girls
No pictures from the dinner, or of the food, since we weren't allowed to take any in certain areas. Those two were stolen from Harlow friends lol. The dress code said "lounge suit", so we all Googled and tried to dress accordingly. I took the opportunity to wear my skirt as I hadn't before. Love the color of this still. Definitely going to be back in rotation for this summer's workterm. 

sheer top - Ross? / tank underneath - Bluenotes / skirt - H&M / booties - Naturalizer

I didn't know what shirt to wear, so I tried tucking the sheer one I've shown before on the blog. I really like how it turned out. If I hadn't had to adjust it so much, due to long tank and shirt I would have liked it even more haha. A black cardigan, as shown in second picture, was kept on just for modesty's sake. Overall a win of an outfit.

That's all for today! I'll try to update on my weekend past soon, before I leave for midterm. More on that later!

Til next time!

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