Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 75 & 80: London

Of course since Boyfriend only had a short time here in the UK, we had to take a couple of trips into London to see the sights. I'm putting two days together, not in order even! It's just easier this way.

Day 75, Wednesday, we left after my class to go and see a few things. We started at Camden Market, near the Camden Lock, which was super cool but so overwhelming. Around every corner, there was more shops and little stores selling jewelry or purses or so much food. I found a little vintage store and dug out two gorgeous silk scarves. Literally looked through scarves for about 20 minutes while the Boy sat. It paid off though! I kept seeing things that looked so cool but I'm reminding myself that midterm is approaching at a rapid pace. He managed to find new sneakers at an actual store on the Camden High, so it was a win-win situation.

inside one of the sections of the market

From the Market, we headed down on the Tube and towards the Thames. One of the top sights on the Boys list was the London Eye. I don't mind heights, really, but the big giant wheel that seems suspended kind of freaked me out. The boy was enjoying it, he seemed quite amused by my fear. I didn't get really bad until we got about half way up, then looked down. Not a good idea if you are afraid of heights or squeamish at being in a giant egg that's suspended on a giant wheel. The view was worth it, but I will not be doing it again! Definitely something you have to do though. Pictures from the Eye below, no captions necessary!

where I spent my Thursday night :)
Click through for Monday's adventure!

On Monday, being the last day the Boy got to be here, I wanted to make sure he tied up any loose ends and got souvenirs that he needed to. Needless to say, we ended up shopping. The first stop on Monday morning, after managing to get up early enough and leave by 10, was the ZSL London Zoo. I'd been to several zoos before, in Calgary and Chicago among others, but the Boy hadn't been to a real zoo before. Lots of pretty animals of course, no pictures of the actual Zoo lol.

pretty fishy
ridiculously tall
cutest monkey enclosure.
lazy lion couldn't be seen
siberian tiger
Humbolt penguins

waiting for the penguin
Such pretty animals, some I hadn't seen before. I loved the monkeys. The enclosure that was set up allowed them to roam around freely. I considered taking one but I thought the zookeeper might stop me haha.

Those were London days! More soon!

Til next time!

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