Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 45: Brits 2012!

A few weeks after we arrived in Harlow, while planning trips, someone suggested we should all go to the Brit Awards. I didn't really know much about going or attending an awards show, but we all piled on the idea and soon after had tickets to the show. In the O2. For February. This seemed like a long time away in January, but time keeps speeding up here so it's getting a little out of hand.

Not much to explain about this one really! We all left on the train at about 5 to head to the O2, which conveniently has its own Underground stop. Supper was after we picked up our tickets and inside the main walk. A few of the girls had a few drinks, myself included. We were on Level 4 of the arena, meaning very high up but the view was much better than I had expected. It was quite an experience, maybe not something I'd do again but definitely made for a fun night.

As usual, some photos of the events as they occurred, some stolen from the girls!

before we left
with the Brit sign!
at supper, minus Michelle taking the pic!
on the red carpet, just before we left
going up to our level
so British :)
our view of the stage
us 4 :)
with tickets while we waited for the train to go home
That's all the interesting ones, but here's a view from the show! It was hard to get good pictures from our distance, that and people wouldn't stay still :P

new favourite Ed Sheeran

original members of Queen!
That's all for now! Off to continue updating my posts and traveling again!

Til next time!

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