Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 49-51: Edinburgh: Part 1

As I'm writing this just after it happened, I'm going to ignore that it's being posted slightly later and just write it this way anyways. This past week was pretty awesome. My Mom arrived on Day 46, after the Brit awards. She was flying as we were watching the madness at the O2. I'm pretty sure I was more excited for her to arrive than for the awards. I'm going to write this like a story so read it that way, kay Mom? :P

We had planned out that we would go on a trip when Mom decided she was coming over. I suggested a couple of places, but since she wanted to go by train we decided on Scotland. From spending the weekend there I can tell you most assuredly if you'd like to know what Newfoundland is like on this side of Europe, go there. I was constantly reminded of the capital city while walking around Edinburgh. The history may be quite a bit longer yes, and the buildings are hundreds of years older, but the feel of the city is very similar. We didn't get J.K. Rowling, but alas we're still pretty cool.

Mom & I left early Friday morning to catch the train to Edinburgh. I had tried to book in tickets online but the website was contrary with me so it didn't quite work out. I stayed at Harlow the night before so I could have everything packed and ready before Mom arrived over from her hotel, and she was about an hour early, arriving just after 8. Antsy when she knows she's going somewhere. I finished getting ready and we left about 9 to catch the train, with no specific plans other than to head for Kings Cross and catch the 11:00AM train if we managed to make it there by then. We did, and it was much easier than I expected. I think Mom was a little overwhelmed with the people and how fast everything moved once it got going, but she held onto me and I directed her through the gates and in and off of trains. Learning to use the Underground gates was interesting, but she did better than I did on her first try. I think it was only once in the entire weekend she placed the card in the wrong way. Pretty good considering I still do it.

Once we got on the train, it was a waiting game. Took just under 5 hours to get to Scotland, with stops along the way. There was a group of teenagers across from us, and however easy I thought Scotland was going to be because they spoke English was quickly changed by hearing the thick Scottish accent. We had luck with people who didn't speak in such an accent, but it was funny sitting there knowing the guys were speaking English but we didn't get a word they said. Throughout the train ride I noticed how similar the coastline was to Newfoundland. It was nice to be reminded of the ocean, even though it was just the Channel. Here's some pictures from the first day!

waiting for the train!
gate annoucements
on the way..
view from our hotel
view of Grassmarket
elevator shot :)
After making it to the hotel, which took longer than expected as the directions has the wrong station on it, we checked in and rested for a couple of minutes. We walked around the city centre a little to figure out where things were once we both caught our breath. Tried to go to the National Gallery, but it closed shortly after we arrived. Saw the Royal Mile and all the tourist shops, and the former cathedral, now a function space basically. Our first day was short but we had arrived late in the afternoon. Once it was dark we headed to a nearby pub for supper and a drink. Both of us were tired from the travel. It had been a very long day so we figured out the plan for Saturday then were content to call it an early day. 

venturing out. it was windy lol

on the royal mile
above, a former cathedral and a view of the castle

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

Til next time!


Emmett Katherine said...

Aww you & your mom are cute! It sounds like you had a great time showing her the sights :) a visit from mom is def more exciting than the Brit awards :P

Sam said...

Thanks so much! It was so great having her here. Now, my question for you is how did you get to this comment screen? I have Disqus installed but I've never seen comments come through like this! So confused now haha.