Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 69-73: Ireland

Way back when Harlow was first being planned with the people who actually got accepted first, people decided that Ireland for St. Paddy's Day was a great idea. I agree with them, and because of that idea I got to spend the weekend in Ireland drinking. Something I am glad to have done now when my body is much better at recovering! There's more pictures than I realized that I want to post, so here they are with captions.

waiting for the gate to show up at Stansted
guarding our bags and spot in line
welcome balloons in Dublin airport!
first drink in Ireland...Jameson's of course
live band
On Friday morning, we did a day trip to County Clare to see a few local sights. The first stop was the Aillwee Caves. It's a natural cave that was discovered not that long ago. Pretty creepy when the guide turned off all the lights, but pretty cool to see.

formations inside the cave


outside the caves, waiting for the bus

Next stop on our tour was the Cliffs of Moher. It was absolutely beautiful, and really similar the Newfoundland coastline if I'm honest. One of the girls remarked that it was so nice, but just like home. I had to agree, though I'm sure I enjoyed it more than she did.

being cute

being chilly
Click on through for the St. Paddy's Day festivities!

After another night of drinking on Friday, it was up on Saturday in Galway to see the green. We saw the Galway City parade for St. Paddy's Day. All I can say was it was random. We stood around for a while and endured then enjoyed Ireland's weather, then headed out to find a bar to start drinking. Boyfriend and I took it easy early in the day, since we had a bit of tourist shopping to do. He found an awesome aran knit sweater, I got my souvenirs finished early. Headed back after that to the hostel to clean up and get ready for the night. Oh what a messy night it was.

marching band, one of many.
giant soccer ball.
first bar, pre-drunkenness.
mid-drunkenness, but not sloppy!
one of the girls and our Irish friends

Sunday was a tough one for boyfriend. Since I've been traveling for a while, I was used to the moving around and doing stuff with a hangover. He was not. He spent most of the morning looking like death, then moved on to just looking like he hated life. We got a bus back to Dublin where we spent our last night. We arrived in Dublin early in the afternoon, and went for a tour of the Jameson distillery. I love that place and that whiskey, maybe too much haha. 

inside the main entrance
used in the distilling process.
Jameson & gingerale. nom.
view of Dublin as we walked back to our hostel.
out again on Sunday night, on a pubcrawl but a subdued one.

Monday was a lazy day. We were going to explore, but just ended up walking around a little and finding a tourist shop to get the rest of our purchases. Had lunch at a cute little restaurant, with somewhat traditional Irish food. I enjoyed it, and the giant cup of tea too.

view of the city streets.
And so that was Ireland! Not a lot to show, but some pretty pictures where I saw things! I still have pictures to steal as usual, not sure if they'll be included.

More updates to come before I leave for midterm break, so keep checking before Thursday for more posts!

Til next time!

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