Thursday, February 23, 2012

120. Sometimes I get a good feeling

You know what beats cheap pretty clothes? Free pretty clothes! My dear wonderful cousin in Madrid, R, was kind enough to let me rifle through some pieces she no longer wears when I was there a few weeks ago. I haven't worn much of it yet, mostly because it's still too chilly here for cute things. I did manage to break out this piece over the weekend though, on Friday while I did nothing but study and be lazy.

shirt - Cortefiel / tee underneath - AA / jeans - Guess

I really really love this shirt but I'm torn about it. I love the print and how light it is, definitely going to be added to my work wardrobe this summer. However, I don't love the sleeves. I feel like they're too loose to look right, and the sheer fabric from the elbow down doesn't work with the rest of the shirt. So I'm thinking of chopping them, about an inch or two below where the darker material starts. It would end up looking like the first picture, where I have them rolled up. I wore it like this most of the day and I quite like the look.

Comments on this? I have a couple other adorable pieces from Anthropologie to document soon. I went to my first Anthro store in London over the weekend and was overwhelmed by the pretty, and the prices. Finding the sale section was the highlight of my weekend, by far!

Til next time!

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