Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 39: Stonehenge and Bath

I realized today that I haven't been documenting my weeks very well. I do at least two posts on my trips, which may need to turn into three sometimes due to the amount of pictures. I'm waiting for my nails to dry so I figured I may as well type carefully and update you all on last week!

Valentine's Day was not the norm for me. We had a 6AM rise and I had no Valentine. A little sad, and being a little sooky did not help the sadness from the lack of V-Day cheese in my life. The bus ride to Stonehenge was about 3 hours.I don't remember seeing the sunrise so I must have slept when I wasn't staring out the window. I realized on this bus trip that my iPod is useless. Fun time to notice it, however my Blackberry was a fine substitute.

We arrived an hour before the Stonehenge visitor's centre was open, so we all sat on the bus and waited. I didn't overdress thinking it was supposed to be warm, which it was in Bath, however the wind in the open fields still had quite a chill to it. I should have taken more pictures but it was chilly and I was underwhelmed by the whole thing. If we'd gotten closer I may have thought differently, but they wouldn't let us past the grass. Here's the circle of stones in all their glory!

myself and Sarah
From there we headed into Bath. I think this may have been an hour and to get to Stonehenge was two, but I didn't really pay attention that early in the morning. I had no idea what Bath was, but it was absolutely beautiful. We went to the Roman Baths, which used natural hot springs back when Romans ruled in Britain. Pretty cool how they've preserved the stone work and the bath itself.

view from the top deck.

 Julius Caesar statue, L, and explanation of the Hot Springs, R

former facade of the temple
where the temple entrance actually stood
lower bath walkway

cooling pool?
Roman version of heated floors, missing the floor part.

me and the Roman bath
That was about it for the sights in Bath that we saw. Walked around a bit and decided to shop instead. I didn't find anything that I liked or wanted, probably on account of the slightly mope-y mood. We stayed in Bath until about 5 then headed home. Such a long day deserved sleep, which I did on the way home as well. I can see myself living somewhere like Bath, it's just a very pretty city but well developed. Seemed very safe too, which was nice when walking around. A good local economy never hurts either haha. 

Til next time! 

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