Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Days 7-10: Copenhagen: Part 2

Part 2 of my trip to Copenhagen! (I promise, it got better)

Being that I was in a craptacular mood on Friday, I needed my sleep desperately. A nice clean set of sheets on the hostel bed and the ability to sleep for about 9 hours seriously upped my mood. Saturday started with a giant croissant cinnamon bun thing for breakfast, which helped too. I'm a fan of my carbs, especially when they're paired with lots of sugar. We started out just as cold, but I layered up ridiculously and it was such a good idea. The first stop was the Round Tower, an iconic landmark in Copenhagen. It's actually 680m+ of a spiral walkway around the core. I got a little dizzy but nothing that sitting for a second didn't take care of haha. This was the view of the city from the top, absolutely beautiful. Click through for more!

panoramic camera!
at the top. I'm actually wearing 3 shirts, a sweater, two jackets, and two pairs of pants. toastyyy.

walking down.

 view inside the Student's church in the tower, near the bottom. so beautiful.
and right, the cupcakes at Holms&Bager? I wanted them all, so many beautiful pastries :D

Breakfast was actually after the tower, so we sat at a cafe near the main square. There's a group picture of us in front of the water fountain, but my camera was dying much faster in the cold so I have limited pictures. And will be stealing them all very soon. We had seen a practice run of a parade and upon looking into it, the clerk at a souvenir shop told us it was practice for the parade including the Queen! I didn't realize Denmark had a queen but we saw her!

The queen's carriage!
The best picture I managed to get. Not good, no, but she was beautiful and it was so cool to be there.
After the parade, we warmed up at an Irish pub for lunch. We'd been standing outside for like 2 hours and I don't know what the temperature was, but it was cold. Really really cold. Once everyone could feel their fingers and toes again, we went exploring around again after that, went to see the Little Mermaid statue. It was dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen in honour of the Little Mermaid. Very pretty but an odd location, considering all the industrial area behind it. Following that was walking back towards our hostels then supper at another pub which was quite awesome. Ended up staying there for like 4 hours chatting and just socializing. It was really fun and laid back, one of my favourite bits. There aren't many pictures from that day, have yet to be stolen.

pub ceiling

me and the mermaid, and the hat I bought to stay warm! clearly this is no longer a fashion blog haha.
marina by the harbour
at the end of a canal, while on the way back to the hostel
So Sunday. More exploring. We'd planned to go to the castle and Carlsberg brewery, but timing didn't work out so we didn't see all the castle. We did see Carlsberg, and I drank beer. Big deal for me.  I didn't take many pictures there, there was a lot of stuff on brewing the beer and the actual process. It was cool to read, but there are other pictures I'd rather have haha. 

old Carlsberg vehicles
logo and how it came to be
 The Guiness certification, and the world record collection of beer bottles. over 21 thousand total, 16 thousand on display

horses in the stable! no idea what the purpose is.

 proof that I drank beer! I only drank like a quarter of it, but hey that's pretty good for me!

waffle on a stick in Denmark. so yummy too.

And that was my trip to Copenhagen! I'll probably post more poctures once I steal them from everyone, but not all the pictures have been posted yet. I have to do that too. Plus there's a growing pile of laundry to be done. I'm counting how much clothes I have left and how long I can go without tackling the pile, but I know it's going to have to end soon. Oh well, such is life on my own!

Til next time!

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