Monday, January 16, 2012

Days 7-10: Copenhagen: Part 1

So, Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark, home of the Danish Monarchy, and really friggin' cold. We were all around last week trying to figure out where to go for the weekend, when one of the girls asked what we thought of Copenhagen. Turns out that city was chosen because it had the cheapest flights, but nonetheless it turned out to be a good choice.

Friday morning was death, our flight was out at 7 something, but we had to catch the bus to Stanstead early. 4:08am early. I think I got two and a half hours of sleep, but that might be pushing it. I was too nervous and had too much adrenaline pumping to sleep any longer once 2:30 hit, since I knew I had to be ready in an hour. Don't ask me why, I was packed and all I had to do was eat but regardless, I got up. We had loads of time once we got to the airport but it was much safer to be there and bored than rushing and not make it. Everyone slept on the plane, myself included. The trip in to the city was by train as are many things in Europe.

Attempting to figure out the map of the city.
empty train except for us

We got to Copenhagen early, too early to check into the hostels, so we "toured" around the city for a few hours. Me, being not prepared for winter travelling in Europe, didn't realize how freaking cold it was going to be. I had on jeans and not nearly enough layers so I got a little contrary. I really wasn't liking how the trip started; I had to haul around my suitcase for a couple of hours which was incredibly aggravating, it was freezing, I was hungry, people kept saying all of these things we should do which would take more time than we had, and it just kind of sucked. I was being melodramatic, or maybe hormonal, but probably both looking back on it. We tried to go into the Christiansborg Palace, but it was restricted because of the 40th anniversary of the Queen. There were a couple of exhibits, but nothing too spectacular besides actually going in so we skipped in and moved on.

Click through for more pictures, there's lots!

In front of the National Museum
the building from inside the square.
walking in.
statue in honour of the former riding arena in the square
Next was the National Museum of Denmark which was pretty cool. We only got about a half hour due to the odd Danish schedules. Things close really early and open later in the morning in Denmark, stores/museums/restaurants. It was weird to get used to. Below are pictures of the Europe and the World exhibit.

 writing in the early ages, left, and a statue of Socrates on the right. 

caption for the below item.

 ancient coins, with descriptions, and picture in the mirrors all around the exhibit.

i don't remember lol. but it's pretty!

explanation of John Cabot's exploration of the New World,
and below that me being excited that NL was there and correctly drawn!
hand carved globe, so pretty.

 outside the exhibit extrance, and the sign explaining what it is.

real food! odd food though. stir-fry pasta type thing.
view from our hostel room.
 To keep this from getting too overloaded, check back soon for Part 2 of CPH!

Til next time!

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