Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 23: The Studying Begins

After last weekend of the partying and fun, reality comes back. I haven't got a midterm to study for, unlike some of the group, but there's still homework to be done. Seriously have to get my butt in gear to get things out of the way before next weekend. Two assignments and two courses to get readings done for, but I still have a little time to play too lol.

So, recap of the week. I wasn't feeling all that great on Mon/Tues/Wed so there was lots of lazing around. Needed a bit more sleep than I was able to get and just eating too much which never agrees with me. I did manage to catch up on all my TV shows because of this though. Glee and Grey's and Big Bang, and a couple of movies. I was really happy to find one site in particular, Project Free TV, that streams lots of links for the shows. I have lots of patience with these since I haven't had a chance to catch up on anything. I'm rewatching One Tree Hill from where I last stopped watching, which was about last year at this time. I didn't have the channel, it started to suck a bit, but at least now I have something to do when I don't have school work! Or in this case lately, more where I don't want to do it.

Thursday's journey was off to UH again. I think I'll like the school after seeing what our classes are going to be like. International HRM will be so much more interesting in an international setting. The profs and tutors, which are like assistant profs here, seem so nice. I'm actually really really looking forward to it. If only we could get a chartered bus on the way back from Hatfield, I'd be perfect.

Spent most of Friday and yesterday doing homework, again. Trying to catch up on readings, by borrowing my roommates textbook, since I'm still waiting on one to arrive from Canada. Yeah, that's fun. I ventured into the Town Centre and went shopping around. Found a couple of really nice pieces but nothing that screamed take me home! Well, a couple of shirts kind of hit on me, but they were cheap so I decided to let them in my closet. Primark is like F21 but with more stuff, if that's possible. Haven't worn either shirt yet but I quite like them so far.

reminds me of the Village mall...but British :P

My two reject pieces from Monsoon. The dress was so perfect, but the belt was missing and zipper was broken and needed to be replaced. Boo hiss on top of that. The coat was also adorable, but slightly too short in the arms and more dressy than I need. It came to about knee length, flared from the waist. Such pretty things in there, but expensive. I'll have a dress there before I leave. 

Here's a couple more pictures I managed to take, I'm majorly failing at outfit and all other pics, but I'm working on.  
finally found nail polish!!! Coral by Barry M, quite awesome
mini-haul. bags stuffed in bags, plus bakery goodies :)
ridiculous glare on my glasses, but a view of the desk area of my room.
Yeah that's it for now. Gotta go see what's on the go for supper, most likely nothing so it'll probably be pizza! And ice cream, Tesco run in my near future!

Til next time!

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