Tuesday, January 31, 2012

119. An attempt, though slightly failed.

Today I learned something important, that makes me appreciate other bloggers much more. It is really freaking difficult to take OOTD with a point-&-shoot camera!!! I fumbled with it and had to deal with crappy light and not getting the pictures I wanted before I decided to give up. I miss my Nikon, with its tripod and remote and ease of use. *sigh*

Something I love about England? The love of big giant scarves and big giant cups of tea. I really really love the tea part. Really. And I keep buying scarves, the bigger the better, only to realize so many English girls are wearing chunkier brighter and more awesome scarves than me. I take this as a challenge of course and will update you all on my progress.

Tesco haul <3
cowled all up. groceries get heavier the longer you carry them, by the way.
road that's not actually that long, below left.

sweater - Jacob / tank - Bluenotes / jeans - old as the hills, from Bluenotes / scarf - Accessorize / necklace - gift from bestie

I didn't fare out too bad I suppose. Love this scarf, found at the Monsoon affiliate Accessorize. There's so many sales on right that it's sending me into overdrive. I love shopping, so when I return from Madrid expect many more posts of what I bought, even if there's no posts of me actually wearing it. Lol. Can't wait to shop there and actually see some of Spain!

I'm getting good use out of my sweaters. Very casual since I'm just lounging around most of the time. Still layering up on sweaters since it's not warm here, but it's so much nicer than any weather Newfoundland is having right now. ANY weather. There's no snow, there's green grass, and I don't have to wear a winter jacket that makes me look like a marshmallow. Case closed, England rocks.

Til next time!

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