Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 2: Jet-lag

Today's proceedings were quiet. Realizing I need a lot more sleep to catch up and feel normal again has been number one. Since arriving in the UK yesterday morning, I've slept about 16 hours. I've barely been here 36 hours and I've spent most of them sleeping. Spose I shouldn't complain about that, it's making me feel less crazy.

I managed to find out that I wouldn't be locked out upon leaving, but not until it was almost dark. I'm pretty okay with things around here, it seems safe enough, but I won't be going out alone at night without company. Took a little trip to the nearest store, like a miniature grocery store. It's supposed to be more expensive because of the convenience and the fact that it's a co-op type thing. I don't really care because I now have shampoo and food. And the fixings for a cup of tea. Thank Goooooddddd. (side note: they do have Tetley over here! I will not have to ration my tea bags as I thought, but I'm still not going to share haha)

So, in case you haven't noticed or in case you're just new, I've created a new link for my header. Click on Harlow and you'll see my latest post like this. Or just anything related to Harlow. I plan on writing posts like this, informative and descriptive of what I'm doing at least a few times a week. Or when I'm bored. I'm going to try to keep up with some outfit posts and pictures of what's happening, however due to the lack of wireless on my laptop (which I am not happy about) I can't get my pictures on this here blog yet. Apparently I have to be set up on it. Lovely. So that's coming tomorrow thankfully, along with pictures of the few things I've seen. I forgot to take a picture of my suitcase before I unpacked it, that would have been interesting.

I think that's it. Off to...umm...well I don't really have much to do right now but probably more reading. I'm almost through "The Help" which I am quite enjoying. There's no other Business students here so I have lots of free time. Or maybe I'll just eat. I like eating too, now that I have real food.

Til next time!

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