Wednesday, January 4, 2012

114. Don't stop (til you get it all done!)

2012 has been one thing for me so far: busy! I'm working on preparations for Harlow, packing up and buying supplies that I won't be able to get. Trying to get some inspiration from all the 30x30 challenges I've followed to minimize the wardrobe I'm taking. It's not as easy as I thought hoped it might be! 

A little blogging break over Christmas was very needed, and I'll probably be taking another break til I get everything figured out overseas. I've even got some overdue Christmas outfits to post. I'm thinking scheduled posts for the next few days are a definite.

So in a break from packing and organizing, Kym from Bitty and Bunny was so sweet in passing on this award to me! I love things like this, but this is my first award-themed post! Read on for the rules and my take on things!
  • link back to the blogger you got the award from
  • write 7 things about yourself
  • fill in the question form below
  • give the award to 10 other bloggers

favorite song: Hey Jude - The Beatles, Let It Be Me - Ray Lamontagne, Sparks - Coldplay, Work - Jimmy Eat World, etc.
favorite dessert: my Mom's cherry cake or trifle. 
what pisses you off: ignorant people, people who are intentionally mean.
when you're upset, you: cry, listen to music, or talk to my Mom.
your favorite pet: my dog Emmy, fat and cuddly. 
black or white: black.
biggest fear: being alone.
best feature: my waist & long legs.
everyday attitude: content. 
what is perfection: being with friends and family, any time of year.
guilty pleasure: Glee, Grey's, chocolate.

7 Random Things About Me:
1. Though I haven't had braces since 2006, I still have retainers and wear a mouth guard nightly. I'm super cool like that. 
2. I've only done 2 flights by myself, and on Friday I fly across the Atlantic alone. I'm so nervous.
3. I find cooking to be pointless. You put all that effort in to cook, and then eat. Baking you get to share and enjoy for several days, makes much more sense to me haha. 
4. Even during the summer, I'm always covered up with a blanket when I'm watching tv. Unless it's super warm. 
5. I use mostly beer glasses collected free from give-aways. We've got quite a collection here.
6. I'd leave my Christmas tree up from November to February if I wouldn't get strange looks from my roommates. 
7. I've never had to do my own laundry on a regular basis. Harlow will be my first time being accountable for laundry and being on my own completely. 

I'm passing this award onto Erica from NorthMeetsSouth, Kelly from Unremittingly Kel, Kileen from Cute and Little, Audrey from Putting Me Together, Terri from Stylish Sass, Lizzie from Place Clever Title Here, Sarah from Just Take A Bow, Em from Hippie Lace and Kayla Nails by Kayla Shevonne! All of these are blogs I definitely suggest you check out!

Off again, have to continue plowing through my list! Here's hoping I get some time to schedule posts!

Til next time!

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