Saturday, December 10, 2011

106. All these illusions just take us too long

My last week of work is finally over! Second work-term down and one more semester closer to the end! Oh that is such a nice thing to say. And the best thing about getting out of work earlier than I thought? I get to go on Monday! So happy! I've got a few work outfits left to post, so those are coming soon! Can't wait to start dressing up for Christmas parties either, I need to get some more sequins for them/the upcoming EBEW!

denim jacket - Mavi / dress - Samuel & Co / belt - unknown? / scarf - H&M / white tank - bluenotes? / booties - Naturalizer

Pictures are a little dark, but just look at the tree. Isn't it pretty? The belt fell down as I was taking these pictures, I tried to hide the empire waist line but it didn't work. Love this dress anyways. I don't know the brand, and I don't know where the belt or the tank is from that I'm wearing. Lots of unknowns in this outfit apparently.

What are your plans for the weekend? I'm finishing up my Christmas shopping, which is actually just picking up things for parents/boyfriend from combinations of parents/boyfriend's parents. And then doing some baking before I head home. Almost forgot I'm playing the gift-wrapping elf at my Aunt's production of "holy crap I don't have enough time to wrap everything". I learned my magical gift wrapping skills from her, but she always drops the ball hard on getting it done before Christmas Eve. Such is my family. Christmas is so much fuuuunnnnn.

Doing anything interesting? Are you totally on the ball and all ready for Christmas, or hoping it will all be painfree and quick?

Til next time!

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