Thursday, December 8, 2011

105. Interpret as you see fit!

I truly love these pants, but I think our relationship may be coming to an end. Or at least a halt for a while. Today's outfit brought to you by Kayla, Erica, and Amy who came up with this theme!


 I love love love this look, I thought I had a lot of similar pieces and while I do, I still like the above look more. I think it's the pants. Or the cream sweater. Or maybe just the whole combination...hmm... here's my take on it!

grey cropped sweater and red pants - H&M / striped shirt - Zara

So this is actually what I wanted to wear and not what I got to wear. These pants have to be replaced. They're so cute and I love the color, but the fit is so wrong. Too baggy in the crotch, for some reason. The cropped thing isn't so great for weather at this time of year either. Red skinnies, I'm coming for you.

I'm still figuring out details of my big announcement. Will hopefully be able to let you all know about it by early next week, if I can keep it in til then! Super excited that tomorrow is my last day of work, by the way. It's gonna be great to have time off work and school for a while. I love Christmas so intensely too. My childhood home always looks like Christmas threw up after my Mom decorates. It's great :D

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Til next time!

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T like Bubble ... said...

I love the combination of red trousers striped and the cosy knit over the top! Must try and put one together