Monday, December 12, 2011

107. Eggplant is definitely neutral.

I've come to realize I like skirts a lot. I like tights even more. Purple is not so out there when it comes to skirts as I now realize. If only I didn't hate being cold so much, I'd wear them much more. I suppose you can't win them all! Another slightly over-due work look, but quite a cute one so it still counts :) 

sweater - Mango / tee - Vera Wang from Kohl's / skirt - H&M / booties - Naturalizer

By the time you read this post, hopefully I'll be well on my way home. I'm heading out on the 3 1/2 hr drive, which with me driving by myself will take more like 4. So excited to be on the way out for Christmas. It's good little car has lots of room because I have lots of crap. Heheh. 

Things I notice about this outfit: I wear these boots too much too. I only wear black tights with dresses/skirts lately, and therefore usually wear these boots. I have no good black heels besides these. A sad fact. And I really really like this shirt with this skirt. It gets too stretched at the bottom when worn with jeans, but this creates a blouse-y effect that I'm quite enjoying.

I was hoping to have my announcement today, but I'm waiting on one last thing to be done then it will feel real. Excitement all around on my end.

Til next time!

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