Tuesday, December 6, 2011

104. If it's not broken, why fix it?

I've fallen slightly off the blogging wagon. Got some big big news recently and I'm working on making arrangements. I'll write up a post on it soon, and I hope you'll all forgive me for being so slack! Also, this is my 5th post in a row with a ponytail. This is also going to end soon. lol.

I got several compliments about this outfit. Having several posts with basically identical outfits to these made me realize this is my go-to formula. Basic or printed shirt/slim cardi/jeans or dress pants depending on day. I do this A LOT.

Cardi - Samuel & Co / tee - Old Navy / jeans - Gap / necklace - Le Chateau / flats - American Eagle

I thought I was more stylish than this. Turns out my basic wardrobe choices are very simple. Well fitting slim tees go under and with everything, that's why I have a million. Cardigans are work appropriate and I've realized I love them much more than hoodies, for any occasion. Plus I hate being cold. On the bright side, I've learned the power of a good statement necklace. I don't own nearly enough, and I've worn this one a bunch of times, but the power remains the same. They just bring an outfit up a notch, and make it look that much better. Excellent.

I was trying to remember when these were taken, and it was a Friday morning. Jeans are rare things, as I've mentioned before. I wish it was sunny in the afternoon. Its so much happier. Sigh, such is winter.

 Til next time!

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