Thursday, November 24, 2011

99. Sometimes things take you by surprise.

So this week has been an interesting week so far. The big dot on my face is my coldsore, isn't it fun? So annoying!

Monday was a normal day. I felt fine, work as usual and a somewhat shorter day due to allergy appointment and meeting at the university. Went to yoga that night even, after I came home to the darkness and took these pictures! I wore this for a picture taking profile thing (long story), and except for the cold sore I like it. Stupid bump.

Then Tuesday happened. I was going to write up some more posts this week, but a flu came on suddenly and began to kick my ass. I even wore a cute outfit and intended to post it, but felt so crappy that after I got home from work I headed straight to bed. I'm only now starting to recover, on this sort-of snow day where half the city is closed but I don't actually think my office is closed. Snow morning or sick day, I haven't decided yet.

Hoping if you're in snow you're coping with it, and if you aren't be thankful for that too! Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers, hope you're enjoying it with lots of turkey and family! 

Til next time!

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