Saturday, November 26, 2011

100. Milestone.

Can I tell you something? Promise you won't laugh. The thing is, I love milestones. I love when the clock ticks into a new hour, when times passes into a new day, when I reach a new number on my car mileage (I'm just under 150k right now!), when I finish a paper and have finished another task.

The point of these milestones? It's my 100th numbered post, which I thought meant it was my 100th OOTD post, but it's at about 68 now instead. So many even if it's not the same number I expected. But another giant milestone; sometime between last night and today I reached 5000 pageviews. ohmydeargod. Read on for a  photo-heavy and sincerely love & gratitude filled post.

sweater - Mango, from Model Citizens / dress - Old Navy / tank - UrbanPlanet / belt - F21 / booties - Naturalizer

I love this outfit. I only realized a few days ago it was very appropriate for World Diabetes Day, on which I wore this. The 14th of November is actually the 90th anniversary of the discovery of insulin which you will know, if you're at all familiar with diabetics, is crucial to living a healthy and normal life.

So on to the milestone. I did a thankful post recently, and with reaching this milestone I just have to say it again. Thank you all so much for all of your support and for taking the time to read my blog! I try to repay the favour and visit new blogs every week to leave comments or just check them out. I love reading new things or being inspired. I'm the person that clicks through random links when I see them in comments, where people comment on other blogs and leave their links. So again, even though it's repetitive, thank you guys so much for coming here and listening to my ramblings.

And just because, I had to include this outtake. It was cold, my sweater was warm, and Boyfriend likes to get pictures of me being ridiculous and making faces. I do that alot. I think it might be time to tell him about the blog. Or maybe not lol.

Til next time! 

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