Monday, November 21, 2011

98. Bring me up, bring me down.

I've gotten very lazy with the outfit photos. I'm posting old outfits, and for all of your sake I hope I get more energy in the near future. Blackberry photos might become a common thing with this constant darkness. Okay it's not always dark, but it sure seems like it.

jacket - Mavi / shirt - H&M / skirt - Anthropologie / tights - Walmart? / boots - Naturalizer

This was a few weeks ago, when Boyfriend and I went to a Just For Laughs comedy show that was in town. British version, in fact. The host/first two performers were great, but the last two were just a let-down. One in particular was just strange, noises and bodily humour for jokes which were not my thing. We were literally in the front row, otherwise I would have left lol.

I decided to dress up just a little. I love this skirt but I can't wear it nearly enough. It's just a little too short for work sadly. Planning on working it into rotation once school starts again, which is much sooner than I realize! I don't really get many chances to dress up lately, I'm hoping Boyfriend and I can try to make a date night when he's home at least once a month. We're like an old married couple, all benefits and issues included. Weekends are more fun when he's home.

Speaking of weekends, how were all of yours? Mine was a little lonely, lots of movies and sitting on the couch. Just needed to be lazy and relax.

Til next time!

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