Tuesday, November 1, 2011

88. Experimenting with polish

To those new readers, here's a very obviously view of my obsessions! Another polish post to show my latest and greatest. This one's got some of my experimentation with new colors and types of polish. I do love me some crackle, and this magnetic polish freaked me out. I got lots of compliments on it!

First up, my first crackle polish. I got this from my hairdresser, as I do some of the trendier polishes that I have. It's an LCN Crackle in Yellow, not sure if that's the proper name, over CG Avalanche. I bought Avalanche to reward myself after a midterm and read its reviews after my purchase. I found lots of people saying it streaked like mad as many frost finishes do, but I didn't find it too bad. I'm hoping to post a better picture of the actual color soon, cause it's very pretty. Silvery purple grey is the best way to describe it. 

Another LCN polish. This was a mani/pedi I had done after my birthday, courtesy of family members. I didn't realize when I had the mani done that I could choose one of the CND polishes the salon had in stock, and chose this LCN polish instead. It worked out well and since I had one similar to it (CG Strawberry Fields) I gave this to my Mom who always likes a nice pink polish. The first picture is the pink with OPI Black Shatter over it. I loved this, but I think it's a bit too dark. Definitely something I'll be redoing for Halloween though. 

This is a terrible picture and it makes me sad. I love this polish so much. It's CG Midnight Kiss, and it's one of my favourites. I was looking for a gold that wasn't too yellow or beige and this was right where I wanted it to be. Another school day from hell meant I treated myself to polish. This was a perfect pick-up. It's basically opaque in 2 coats, and a top coat makes it even shinier.

This is one of my more recent self-mani's. Another gift from my hairdresser, this LCN magnetic polish freaked me out. I love the designs, I got so many compliments on it. It's really easy to do too. I found a thin bottom coat with a thicker second coat right after left the best result. I held the magnet at different positions over my nail and got different designs each time. Without a top coat, which I just forgot to put on, it lasted a week with some minor chipping. Not bad for just a base coat! I've got another green polish like this, which I'm hoping to try out soon!

And just because, I have to include my Halloween nails! I didn't feel like doing black, since it's already so gloomy and gross outside. So I went with yellow and orange and worked them both into my mani's from the past week!

 The top one is OPI I Need Sunglasses as a base, taped off the top in a zig-zag and used a Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed? I used OPI Black Crackle to outline the zig-zag. My other hang came out better but  I like this thumb more! CG Liquid Leather & White on White for the letters.

 The bottom one was last week, my first attempt at a Halloween mani. I love candy corn immensely, so I had to try it out. I used SHXW Sun Kissed as a base, a striping Milani yellow and a Sally Beauty mini for the top. All freehand, didn't come out too bad I think!

Til next time!

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