Tuesday, November 29, 2011

101. Then you realize you don't like it.

Another of the, gee, I don't really like how this looks in pictures outfits. I think the scarf is throwing me off, which is unfortunate cause it's one of my favourites! You'll see clearly that these were not taken with my tripod. As you can see it standing next to me in the third shot. Way to plan the backdrop there, Sam. This didn't photograph well at all!

scarf - gift / plaid shirt - F21 / skirt - Dynamite / boots - Steve Madden via Shoe Company
I loved this outfit, though the shirt was a little too short and kept needing to be tucked. I'm curious now if it would look better without the scarf. It's the v-neck and loose tie around the neck that's throwing me off. I love all pieces but maybe they're not so good together. Also, I need to find a new spot to take indoor OOTD photos. The kitchen is not sufficing anymore. 

In better news, today is really great so far! Boyfriend is on his way home from AB, and I found out my work-term ends a week earlier than I thought! Yes! I'm still in the midst of getting a new roommate, so I may have to stay in town instead of going home early as I hoped I'd be able to do. But still, yay! 

I contemplated whether to continue numbering my posts, but I haven't decided if I'll stop. I might stop after one year, just to count them all up and be done with that. I have way overdue Project 52 pictures that I hope to take and post soon, but time escapes me without realizing it. I did however manage to get some more Christmas gifts wrapped and out of the way, so at least I'm keeping up with something. 

Til next time!

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