Thursday, October 27, 2011

84. The Circle Scarf

In the giant scheme of things, I don't particularly like American Apparel. It's fun to laugh at, with some of the ridiculously tacky items like gold bodysuits and disco inspired clothing. Their ads can be very degrading and just rude in their approach. There's many bad things about the company, but there are several items of clothing that make me praise them. This being one of them.

As chunky scarf, wrapped twice

As regular scarf, once around the neck
As shawl type thing, much easier on bare arms and not a cardigan

Scarf - AA / Cardigan - Gap / printed tank - Dynamite / white tank - Bluenotes / pants - Old Navy / boots - Steve Madden / pearls - costume jewelry stolen from Mom

The circle scarf. The almighty scarf with which you can do a million things. I lusted after this for a very long time, while not wanting to purchase it online because I didn't know if I'd like it. The scarf is something I don't wear nearly enough, and I'm not sure why. I want a brighter color I think. It's so versatile but most importantly it's thick and chunky and warm. Layers of fabric are the way to go in my office, and scarves that can surround your entire body. I've shown my three favourite ways to wear it, my personal fav being the first look. I love a good chunky scarf.

Anyone else got a favourite of AA? Or just a love of scarves in general? I'm still putting off going in to look for grey wool socks, I have a tendency to find more than one thing I want to buy.

Til next time!

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