Thursday, September 15, 2011

Project 52: Week 33, 34 & 35

The theme for Week 33 is a bit of a retrospective. Slow Down and Look Back encourages us to stop and look around us. I chose a photo I took while out home for this one. It's taken up where my old elementary school used to be, before it burned down. Being home makes me relax and enjoy my boredom that naturally occurs. I remember so many things about this road, playing with friends, and I have so many memories of that school. Having a mother who was a teacher, and a best friend in the same situation, meant we spent a lot of time after hours searching around the hallways. The same way I can look back at pictures I can see a place and the memories are right there, coming back to me.

Week 34 is Connections. I was thinking about how to approach this. Connections can be seen in the way that someone looks at you, or even just the way you act around each other. They can be visible too, holding hands or being linked. This one just shows the link we have together, even not being together it's still there.

Week 35 is Lazy. I know this one well so it was pretty easy. This pup was lazing in the shade, almost underneath the car. The epitomy of lazy and small-towns.

Til next time!

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