Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Project 52: Week 30, 31 & 32

Alright. Giant fail on my part in keeping up with my Project 52. I don't really feel bad either, because school is more important. I basically just missed the entirety of August. Plus one week. I'll be caught up by Friday's picture. In this case, because I'm making up lost time, any pictures I took in August or take up to Friday are going to count in my book. I get to make my own rules when I'm not following any.

Week 30 is Letters. I love words so this one makes me all kinds of happy. Yet I still forgot to do it. Oh well. This one doesn't really need much explanation I think. Lots of lyrics are coming to my mind about words, but I think I'll leave them there. Taken with Blackberry.

Week 31's theme was the sky. Or the sky in any interpretation. I had a few photos in mind, but this one from my weekend in Toronto seemed to work the best. I've actually changed it several times. This was out the window on the plane, the sky was just so prettyyyy.

Week 32 is your favourite time of day. I had to do some thinking about this one, actually. I have different favourites depending on what I'm doing I think. I don't like mornings, but I like being on the go and getting my day started. I hate driving home from work because of the traffic, but the sky starts to get to that point where it's so pretty. This is around 6:30 or so at home, I just liked the way the light hits in this photo.

Til next time!

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