Friday, September 2, 2011

Fashion-Beauty Friend Friday: Fall Trends

With my often ridiculous summer schedule, I had a tendency to skip things sometimes. Usually blogging and the social life that I really don't have. I knew that I had skipped a few FBFF's, but apparently I haven't participated since June. Huh. Time gets away from me sometimes.

So, this week's I'm going to try! Somewhat ironically, it's the same theme as my last FBFF; upcoming trends for the season. I didn't do so well with the trends I wanted to incorporate for summer, only wearing lots of pink and bright neon nails. Still working on finding a chambray shirt dress and longer skirts, both things I am desperate for!(shopping in NL sucks.) With that said, on to the Fall trends!

STF Closet Makeover

1. Colored pants. This takes a tried summer trend and expands. I wanted white jeans, now I'm realizing they may not be practical. I may buy them if I see a nice pair on sale. But what I'm realizing I want now is color. Red or cobalt or bright turquoise blue, in a slim or straight cut. A little 80's, a lot color blocking. I love what I've been seeing with so many bloggers taking on this trend! I would have tried it before but alas I have no access to upcoming fashion or new trendy clothing in this province.

2. Leopard print: I'm not usually a fan of leopard. It's often too yellow or orange for my skintone so I stay away. But I'm getting very drawn to it as of late. I like the idea of using leopard or other similar animal print as a neutral. The outfit to the right encompasses my first two trends, and I want that sweater so bad. But of course, it's not in stock. Boo hiss. Anyone have any suggestions on where to find it?

3. Midi/Maxi Length: This is a continuance. I haven't been able to find anything past the knee with regards to skirts, in any styles that I like. What's so difficult about making a skirt long enough for people with long legs? My usual source for cute trends at cheap prices, F21, is failing me. I can't find anything that I like the look of. The upcoming trip to Toronto will have H&M, Zara, and many more stores to fill the void. I just want some skirts people!

my dream: Hermes <3
4. Menswear: I think I'll have Kayla of Freckles In April to thank for this one. I didn't realize how versatile and cute menswear-inspired looks could be until the challenge! I've got many pieces in my closet that will work, and I'm looking forward to incorporating more structure into my daily dressing!

5. Colorful silk scarves: They may be more appropriate for summer, but that matters not to me. I have been searching for a nice silk scarf foreverrrrr. I want a square one, which is where my problem lies. Also hoping to find one in Toronto. I'm going to be doing a loooot of shopping...

Head on over to Modly Chic to see what trends everyone else is looking forward to!

Til next time!

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